• Alt Magic Mist Carpet Cleaning

    Our truckmount carpet cleaning method will make your carpets smell fresh, feel soft and look beautiful.

  • clean- mattresses – dust-mite –free

    Dont let your sleep be disturbed by dust mites and allergens. Let us clean and sanitize your mattress so you can sleep easy once more.

  • Restored brown coloured lounge suite with fresh newly cleaned cushions

    Professional upholstery cleaning for all types of fabrics. Your couch, lounge or sofa will look amazing once again.

Odour Control

Our team here at Magic Mist have many years experience in removing those nasty smells that can linger though out your home leaving it unbearable for you and your family weather it’s pet urine, pet odors, decayed food or even smoke odors we can eliminate these smells and leave your home smelling like new.