• Alt Magic Mist Carpet Cleaning

    Our truckmount carpet cleaning method will make your carpets smell fresh, feel soft and look beautiful.

  • clean- mattresses – dust-mite –free

    Dont let your sleep be disturbed by dust mites and allergens. Let us clean and sanitize your mattress so you can sleep easy once more.

  • Restored brown coloured lounge suite with fresh newly cleaned cushions

    Professional upholstery cleaning for all types of fabrics. Your couch, lounge or sofa will look amazing once again.

Mattress Cleaning Rockhampton

Do you require professional mattress cleaning or sanitation? Then look no further than Magic Mists mattress cleaning Rockhampton service.  Our team is ready for any residential or commercial requirement that you may have.  We have extensive knowledge of all fabric types found in mattresses and therefore you can be rest assured that we have the capability and expertise to handle any mattress cleaning situation.

Technology and methods we use

Mattress construction and fabric composition vary significantly from different manufactures.  And for this reason it is extremely important for a cleaning company to use the correct cleaning methods and technology to minimize damage and to clean and sanitize the mattress properly. Some manufacturers use a higher proportion of synthetic fibers and whilst others use more natural fibres such as wool/cotton in the top layers of their mattresses.  In either case it is extremely important for the technician to fully understand the correct chemistry and cleaning methods to be utilized.

Some cleaning companies only use a UV/Powerhead Vacuum method, which does NOT rinse the top layers.  Other companies only use steam extraction.Magic Mist utilizes the best of both methods, which incorporates Powerhead Vacuuming + Steam Extraction.  Our method is considered by many commercial clients and industry leaders to be the most effective way to properly clean and sanitize a mattress.

Mattress cleaning services

  • Residential mattress cleaning
  • Hotel/Motel mattress sanitation
  • Dedicated mattress stain removal- blood, urine damage, insurance claims etc


To have your mattress cleaned to the highest possible standard, call Magic Mist now on 041 1171 245